The Seat Belt  CONVINCER in Pakistan
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The Convincer Inc

We are the specialist in Road Safety Education and Fleet Management.

Use the machine and make it compulsory for all your drivers as a pre-requisite to attend this practical training every year along with the Defensive Driving Course and before being appointed as a driver for the company.



The Seat Belt Convincer is a machine designed to simulate the sensation, an individual would experience in a traffic crash at approximately twelve kilometers per hour.

The Convincer is purposely built to allow participants to safely feel the real impact of a crash at low speed of 10 km/hr or an equivalent of 0.2G force magnitude.

This experiential learning session is powerful to serve as a wake up call and leave a lasting impact in the mind of the road user for many years to come. This is one step closer towards creating a safe driver other than giving Defensive Driving Training

After the Convincer experience the candidates would be able to imagine what can happen if the real vehicle crash at 50km/hr or 100km/hr?

This is accomplished by putting passengers into a seat with a seat belt and shoulder harness and propelling them down a ramp to an abrupt stop. The machine is transported as a trailer

The traditional approach to driver training is being challenged. The road toll, the general behavior of the nation's drivers, fuel prices and even the people who undertake the education of drivers are being forced to find new ways and ideas to tackle driver training.

At a time when our road traffic accidents and fatalities remains high and many drivers question the need for ongoing training, The Convincer Inc. has taken the initiative to make some changes to the driver training environment.

Convincer Inc objective is to take the driver education to the people. Not only that, we have also developed a very clever car.

The need for seat belts is only too apparent to all who see this machine.






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